The Adaptive Re-Use District is intended to provide for the re-use of existing historic buildings by adapting them to house residential units and compatible commercial uses. The intent of this district is to maintain the existing buildings to the greatest extent feasible, while allowing them to be utilized to meet community needs.

Principal Permitted Uses

• Multi-family residences.

• Retail stores and shops.

• Personal service businesses.

• Financial Institutions.

• Business or professional offices.

• Hotels.

• Restaurants (excluding drive-in or drive-thru restaurants).

• Public Facilities.

• Mixed Use Development of any combination of the principal permitted uses.

Accessory Uses
• Off-street parking
• Any uses customarily incidental and accessory
to the principal permitted uses(s) of the property


The following off-street parking shall be

  • Retail stores and personal service businesses: One (1) space per one thousand (1,000) square feet.

  • Business and professional offices: One (1) space per one-thousand (1,000) square feet.

  • Financial institutions: One (1) space per one-thousand (1,000) square feet.

  • Restaurants: One (1) space per eight (8) seats.

  • Residences: One (1) space per residential unit.

  • Hotels: One (1) space per guest room.


Off-street parking may be provided off-site on
another parcel that is located no greater than
three-hundred (300) feet from the property.


Area, Yard, and Building Requirements
See AR Adaptive Use District’s Bulk Standards Chart

AR Adaptive Reuse District Bulk Standards


Minimum Lot Area:  None
Minimum Lot Width:  None
Minimum Front Yard*: Existing building footprint shall be maintained
Minimum Side Yard*:  Existing building footprint shall be maintained
Minimum Rear Yard*:  Existing building footprint shall be maintained
Maximum Building Height**: New construction may extend a maximum of two (2) stories or
twenty-five (25) feet above the existing building roofline.
Maximum Building Coverage: Existing building

Maximum Impervious Surface Coverage: None

*New Construction or additions to the existing
buildings may extend beyond the existing building footprint by no more than four (4) feet.


**New construction above the existing roofline
must be set back a minimum of ten (10) feet from the existing roofline on all sides.

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